LifePlay Programs for Girl Scouts!

LifePlay is lauching a special program for Girl Scouts!

"Living the Law"

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Life Skills Education For Schools & Organizations

LifePlay classes for kids foster life skills and creativityLifePlay fosters social and emotional development—instilling core
life skills such as leadership, self-expression, tolerance and active listening—via a supportive, play-centered environment.

Our team of expert teaching artists, child psychologists, and drama therapists deliver an experiential learning curriculum that supports strong self-discipline and fosters powerful creativity.

Corporate Entertainment & Employee Development Programs by LifePlayOur highly skilled, passionate and dedicated Teaching Artists throughout California, use the power of theatre to reveal every person's inner brilliance. LifePlay offers unique after school programs and assemblies that infuse the LifePlay philosophy into every lesson.

Our corporate entertainment and training programs bring employees together in a unifying experience to foster team cohesiveness and problem-solving strategies.

We also encourage emotional intelligence, life skills, and innovation in an entertaining and enriching environment.

LifePlay also offers amazing Girl Empowerment programs for Girl Scouts and other community organizations that focus on character education and bullying prevention.