After School Programs

Our after school programs for kids nurture life skills through theatre and other arts, providing the perfect opportunity for children to discover self-expression, gain
, and inspire emotional intelligence.

    Conflict Resolution & The Arts:

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    Keep Your Power



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  • Personal Empowerment & Theatre:

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    DIY Play Production

    Our talented directors guide students through the entire play production process, from start to finish, creating a project that reflects their personal values and sending a powerful message to the audience.

    Students learn collaboration skills and foster their emotional intelligence, while gaining a deep appreciation for the value of all theatrical elements, including writing, scene & costume design, directing, performing, and stage management.

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    LifePlay's improvisational theatre performance class for the young actor, ImprovLive gives students a rare opportunity to develop a rapport with a team and train for public performance. Always woven through with our powerful emotional intelligence programming, ImprovLive takes performance to the next level.

    Young actors develop confidence, quick wit, collaboration skills, conflict resolution, and enhanced communication techniques.

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    ImprovPlay After School Program

    LifePlay's flagship afterschool program, this ground-breaking improvisational class creates an environment via unique theatre activities and play that fosters personal growth and increased emotional intelligence.

    Students come away armed with strong conflict resolution skills, greater self-awareness, and increased confidence. Parents and caregivers are welcome to join in the fun at the final class demonstration of skills.

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    Masquerade - Creative Mask Making

    Students find freedom of self-expression through theatre, and even more so when performing behind a mask. Students in this course will learn the art of mask-making using a variety of media, as well as playing games, fostering emotional intelligence discovery, and performing.

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    YoungComedians Programs

    Kids are natural comedians and, with some expert guidance, can master the art of on-stage performance that will get lots of giggles, not groans. The best stand-up comedians make it look easy, even though stand-up comedy is actually quite difficult.

    Students in this course will work with comic coaches to develop a mini-routine that's stage-ready and discover more about themselves along the way.

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    Students learn various methods for crafting and performing with puppets, fostering self-discovery, empowerment for self-expression, teamwork, and increased emotional intelligence.

    Our puppet masters will guide kids in learning how to operate puppets like a pro, learning a script, and performing for an audience.

  • Fitness & Circus Skills:

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    HoopPlay - Hula Fitness & Life Skills

    Fun for boys & girls alike, this unique hooping class teaches teamwork, body awareness, performance tricks, choreography, and fun ways to stay fit.

    Because our hoops are professionally made, weighted, and sized, kids experience hooping success day one! Every kid also may make their OWN personalized hoop to take home.

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    CircusPlay - Explore Circus Acts!

    The circus for the rest of us!

    You may not be able to run away and join the circus, but the circus can come to you! LifePlay's powerful curriculum weaves life skills and emotional intelligence education into juggling, hooping, clowning, acro-balancing, and more!

    This active, fun, and supportive class keeps kids moving and learning about physics, body mechanics, mathematics, and fitness in a team environment.

(DID YOU KNOW?  Any LifePlay after school program can be offered as an in-class workshop too!)

Curious about having LifePlay at Your School?

Our teachers are all PlaySafe certified for your child's protection and safety, and all of our instructors and highly skilled and experienced in their teaching field—furthermore, our teachers breathe the LifePlay philosophy into every after school program these teach.

Don't you wish you knew what your child was doing in his / her after school classes?  When you register your child for a LifePlay after-school program, you will receive an email each week giving you valuable information on the lessons we are teaching, along with tips, tricks, and hints for everyday parenting fun.

We have found that keeping parents informed in this way helps you have more meaningful conversations at home – and that's what we're here for.

Explore our San Diego after school programs ~ LifePlay Productions

LifePlay afterschool programs arm children with LIFE SKILLS, using the arts to instill emotional intelligence:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Self-awareness
  • Bully prevention
  • Fundamental manners and etiquette
  • Leadership

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