After School Programs

Our after school programs for kids nurture life skills through theatre and other arts, providing the perfect opportunity for children to discover self-expression, gain
, and inspire emotional intelligence.

    Personal Empowerment & Theatre:

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    ImprovPlay After School Program

    Let the games begin! Kids and teens love this flagship program, and the positive effects of their experience last for an amazingly long time. LifePlay’s unique method of weaving social and emotional learning into an incredibly engaging theatre program is a powerful, proven way to teach tough concepts such as conflict resolution and empathy.

    In LifePlay's flagship afterschool program, students collaborate with a team and develop a strong, supportive environment while increasing self-confidence, quick wit, and creativity.

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    All the world’s a stage! Kids and teen groups develop a production of their own from start to finish, creating a project that reflects their personal values and sending a powerful message to the audience. Guided by theatre professional teachers, students learn more about who they are by what they create, and deliver their work to an audience.

    Our OnStage program focuses on collaboration skills, theatre education, and practical experience in all possible theatrical elements, including writing, scene & costume design, directing, performing, and stage management.

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    The games are afoot! Learn, practice, play and perform incredible theatre games in this performance class, available for kids and teens. Students have an amazing opportunity to develop a rapport with a team and train for public performance. Coaches help move each performer to his or her next level, from beginner to pro, teaching skills that come in handy for a lifetime of success in life and career.

    Some of the skill topics in this class include: confidence, quick wit, collaboration skills, conflict resolution, and enhanced communication techniques.

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    YoungComedians Programs

    Conquer stage fright, practice your writing skills, and make people laugh! Kids and teens are natural comedians and, with some expert guidance, can master the art of on-stage performance. Having the ability to create on the fly, develop an idea into a storyline, and connect with an audience are fantastic skills for success in all areas of life.

    Students in this course will develop a mini-routine that's stage-ready and discover more about themselves along the way.

  • Fitness & Circus Skills:

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    CircusPlay - Explore Circus Acts!

    There's a place for everyone in the circus!

    Students of all ages and stages get to play with our professional performer-teachers and learn amazing skills in juggling, hooping, clowning, acro-balancing, and more! Each student begins are their comfort level and is coached to the next level of ability in all areas, experiencing a highly customized class. The circus helps you discover who you are, and helps you uncover hidden talents!

    This active, fun, and supportive class is very active physically, while having an ongoing discussion of physics, body mechanics, mathematics, fitness, self-management, and conflict resolution.

  • Self-Expression in Art & Nature:

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    Unleash your inner artist, get messy, and get to know yourself a bit better. Work with a variety of artistic media, create keepsakes, and play! Kids and teens work with a professional artist teacher who engages the group in powerful conversations while teaching practical artistic skills. New artists will explore their creativity, and those with more experience have a chance to further develop new skills.

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    Time to go out and play! Get into the garden and dig in the dirt, plant your feet in the grass in a powerful yoga pose, learn about conservation and permaculture, and create natural art pieces. Available for kids, teens, and adults, this program takes place in your garden and helps you foster growth, for your plants, and yourself! Knowing how to find peace and creativity with something as simple as a garden is a powerful skill that leads to personal success.

(DID YOU KNOW?  Any LifePlay after school program can be offered as an in-class workshop too!)

Curious about having LifePlay at Your School?

Our teachers are all PlaySafe certified for your child's protection and safety, and all of our instructors and highly skilled and experienced in their teaching field—furthermore, our teachers breathe the LifePlay philosophy into every after school program these teach.

Don't you wish you knew what your child was doing in his / her after school classes?  When you register your child for a LifePlay after-school program, you will receive an email each week giving you valuable information on the lessons we are teaching, along with tips, tricks, and hints for everyday parenting fun.

We have found that keeping parents informed in this way helps you have more meaningful conversations at home – and that's what we're here for.

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LifePlay afterschool programs arm children with LIFE SKILLS, using the arts to instill emotional intelligence:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Self-awareness
  • Bully prevention
  • Fundamental manners and etiquette
  • Leadership

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