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Bring PLAY To Work!

LifePlay turns your work into play with our inspiring style of corporate entertainment. We provide portable entertainment for meetings, ceremonies, holiday parties and any other occasion where your employees would love to laugh. Our team of professional actors, musicians and improvisors will make your next business event a hit.

Business Entertainment:

    • Collapse to hide description...     •  Made-Up Musical...
          Made-Up Musical

      Perfect for a business event of any size, this show will impress everyone from new hires to CEOs. Our professional improv group String Theory will perform an entire Broadway-style musical, thoroughly unrehearsed.

      The show begins with a suggestion from you, and the String Theory cast does the rest—stories, characters, music and lyrics are all completely improvised!

    • Collapse to hide description...     •  Business Beginnings...
          Business Beginnings

      Let the story of your business come to life! In this package, professional improvisors will interview the founder, CEO or chairperson of your company about how your business started.

      We will recreate the story for the stage in an improvised play. If you like, our resident improv group String Theory will take this same story and turn it into a Made-Up Musical!

    • Collapse to hide description...     •  LifePlay Games...
          LifePlay Games

      Fill your next corporate event with laughter! Your team will join ours in playing a variety of improv games that will boost the energy and joy of your occasion.

      Your employees can yell out suggestions and even join us onstage.

In the current economy, keeping employees engaged, excited, and invested in their work is crucial. You need staff and managers who can clearly and succinctly communicate their ideas, negotiate conflicts, and generate enthusiasm. LifePlay's corporate training programs help create powerful and positive change in your work environment.

Corporate Training:

    • Collapse to hide description...     •  Communication & Conflict Resolution...
          Communication & Conflict Resolution

      No business can realize its potential without clear communication among team members, as well as up & down the chain of command.

      Our professional actors use the principles of improvisation to create openness, develop listening skills and foster trust between you and your work team. By the end of our engaging, laugh-a-minute workshop, your company can apply the rules of the stage to enhance your job (and your life).

      This is skill-building like you've never experienced before!

    • Collapse to hide description...     •  Innovation Workshop...
          Innovation Workshop

      When was the last time you had an idea at work and made it happen? How often do your employees come to you with innovations?

      Our team of theater professionals leverage custom improv exercises to break down mental walls and inhibitions, dissolving artificial barriers that block us from innovating on a regular basis.

      We teach you how to trust yourself, listen to others and tap into your creative mind — be truly fulfilled at your job!

    • Collapse to hide description...     •  TeamPlay...

      Teamwork is the cornerstone of any leading company. Our TeamPlay workshop molds your employees into a cohesive, productive unit!

      Our LifePlay instructors employ the tools of improv to generate teamwork, establish group mind, and foster true collaboration, allowing you to work toward a common goal: the success of your company!

    • Collapse to hide description...     •  Policy Performances...
          Policy Performances

      Do you have a dry company policy you are required to roll out to your staff on an annual basis (sexual harassment anyone?)

      Let our talented actors deliver it to your staff in anentertaining, non-threatening performance that will get the point across much better than those inter-office memos and 1980's videos!

What makes our programs so different and effective? Our staff consists of psychologists, drama therapists, communications experts and conflict resolution professionals—these specialists collaborate with our performers to create corporate programs that are both entertaining and powerful.

Customized Corporate Programs

All of our entertainment packages are adjustable and can be custom-tailored to suit the needs of your company. If you don't see what you want here, we can create something brand new just for your business.

Consult with our specialists to create your own business program today!

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Every corporate program LifePlay offers is flexible, but we have found sessions between thirty minutes and two hours to be the most effective.

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