Empowerment through Threatre - a LifePlay program

Theatre that Empowers!
A NEW, public theatre class open
to ALL 2nd - 12th graders

A 9-week program on Saturdays
@ 9-11am - starts Jan. 9 2016

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LifePlay loves that there's a place for everyone in theatre!
The wonderfully talented Bryn Fillers will tap each kid's inner brillance, foster confidence, and spotlight each child's unique talents.

Kalabash School for the Arts
5725 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92037

9-week program  •  $165

  •  Discover acting & stage techniques
  •  Experience creativity and teamwork
  •  Learn how to produce a show

A performance for family & friends on the last class!

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Specialized bullying programs for Girls and Boys by LifePlay in San Diego, CA

"My children LOVED their LifePlay after school programs — they learned a lot about each other and themselves!"

~ Parent Testimonial